Friday, February 10, 2006

Today's "Damn that global warming!" update

Blizzard watch for NYC. Gusts of 50 mph, snow between 6" - 12".

DC to get 16 - 25 mph winds, and 3" or more of snow, lows in the 20's. Bundle up, Kira!

In light of these two forecasts, I've concluded that Al Gore must be coming to warn of the dangers on global "warming", like he did two years ago...on the coldest day in N.E. in half a century! It's usually around times like that when the left abandons the name "global warming" for fear of being seen as the dolts that they are, and instead adopts the ominous-yet-more-acceptable title of "climate change."

Whether it's freezing cold with blizzards, are warm and toasty, both are somehow the result of global warming "climate change", huh?

Damn that Bush! He's pelting the blue states with blizzards and freeze now! For those of you on the left, that was sarcasm.