Sunday, March 05, 2006

Charitable donation

I am a big believer in signs, and I believe I received one yesterday. Allow me to explain:

First of all, I do not post a great deal of personal information (beyond my profile) here due to the fact that some people who come here may end up not liking me. I know, I can that possibly be? With my disarming manners, my gentle nature, and my Southern hospitality, it's hard to imagine how anyone could possibly think I am a juvenile, boorish, lewd, sarcastic pinhead! But believe it or not, some people do! ;-)

Anyway, this post is neither partisan nor political in nature. It is a simple request to you fine folks who grant me a moment of your precious time by stopping by here, many on a periodic basis. My request is that you please make a donation to a charity...any charity...that you feel does wonderful things that personally effect you in some way.

See, I received a piece of mail yesterday from the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. A family member of mine passed away a couple of years ago as a result of this heinous disease, and I have donated to this foundation since then. She remains in my thoughts, my memories, and my heart to this day, and I am blessed that she was allowed to touch my life for over 31 years. As such, one way that I choose to honor her is by donating to MMRF to help them find a cure. When the cure is found, I will take pride in my small contribution's role in the discovery.

Anyway, I have interpreted the receipt of the letter from MMRF as a sign to invite each of you to donate to a charity. I'm not asking you to donate to MMRF, but I am asking you to donate any amount (small, medium, or large) to a charitable organization to which you feel a connection. After all, I've known (and still know) people affected or afflicted by various cancers, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), muscular dystrophy, AIDS, diabetes, and many other illnesses, and I would donate to find cures for all of them if I could. So all I ask of you fine folks is to pick just one charitable organization, even if not related to people (such as the Humane Society), and make a donation of any size. Believe me, they'll take a $5 donation just as soon as they'd take a $500 one.

Donating is a personal choice and personal matter. I don't need or want to know which one you chose. I just thank you for your time, and your patronage here. God bless.