Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More Nagin screw-ups

What's the mayor of Chocolate City been screwing up lately? Neal Boortz tells us:
Here's the story, fresh from last night's Special Report with Brit Hume. Read this and you will know why Democrats and liberals just flat-out don't like Brit Hume or Fox News Channel.

Texas based car crushing company. Offered to remove all abandoned and flooded vehicles from New Orleans and dispose of them. KNL Auto Crushers said it would take 15 weeks to finish the job. This offer was made last October. KNL also offered to pay the city of New Orleans $100 for each car that they removed. How many cars needed removing, you ask? About 50,000. At $100 each, that adds up to a payment to the city of $5 million. Not bad. So ... did Ray Nagin take the deal? Nope. Instead of taking the offer from KNL, Ray Nagin is pursing a car removal plan that will take six months to complete, not 15 weeks, and wlll cost the city of New Orleans -- make that the taxpayers of New Orleans -- $23 million. Nagin balked at the KNL offer because he wasn't sure that the city had the legal right to accept the offer although there was a clear city ordinance that allowed just such a thing. So, add it up. Take the $5 million New Orleans could have had from KNL Auto Crushers and add it to the $23 million the city will spend to get rid of the cars, and you have a total cost to the taxpayers of $28 million.

Last night Hume also reminded us that Ray Nagin failed to order a full mandatory evacuation of New Orleans as Katrina was bearing down because he feared that the hospitality industry would sue the city if the people all left and the hurricane didn't hit. If there is one certainty in life is is that if Ray Nagin were a Republican mayor the media in this country would be clamoring for his head. Nagin gets a relative pass. There will be no 60 Minutes documentary profiling his incompetence.

By the way, Ray Nagin thinks he should be reelected.
Fox News, that "right-wing mouthpiece" ran the story. The rest of the MSM did not. Nope...no liberal media bias.