Wednesday, March 22, 2006

MSM circling the wagons?

The left likes to tell us that (a) there is no liberal media bias, and (b) the independence of the press is under attack. Personally, I think "independence of the press" implies that the MSM outlets act individually and do not coordinate stories or coverage (except for the wire services).

Well, if there's no coordination or "circling of the wagons", then someone please explain to me how these talking points are identical among Chris Matthews, David Gergen, Jeff Greenfield, Larry King, John Roberts (of CNN, not the current Chief Justice of the SCOTUS), Andrea Mitchell, Ron Corning, Jake Tapper, Diane Sawyer, and Jessica Yellin:
MATTHEWS: The president has decided not to attack the Democrats but to attack the media.

GERGEN: I don't think there's anything to be gained by attacking the press.

GREENFIELD: It's been the liberal media that's been the target.

KING: Blame the media for the coverage of the war that we only show the bad things.

ROBERTS: A familiar tactic blaming the media.

MITCHELL: Why is the administration now seeming to blame the media?

CORNING: The president is taking a shot at the media.

SAWYER: In his press conference yesterday he was pushing back at the media.

TAPPER: The Bush administration think the media coverage is too negative.

YELLIN: Blaming the media!

YELLIN: It's not if first time the White House has gone after the media when the chips were down.
Nice little "blame the media" meme. Sounds like the "gravitas" talking points we heard circulate amongst the MSM during the 2000 election when Bush tapped Cheney to be his veep.

Not done yet. They can't seem to get their story straight: is Bush an evil genius, or a "towel-snapping frat boy" idiot? Note to David Shuster, Margaret Carlson, James Carville and Chris Matthews: Make up your minds, will ya?
SHUSTER: The president does excel at fraternity-style teasing, like when he towel-snapped a reporter.

CARLSON: His attitude during the press conference was oddly upbeat I thought and, you know, the towel snapping.

CARVILLE: He was in this jocular, frat boy, towel-snappin' mood.

MATTHEWS: Did his P.R. people warn the president, "When you go out and towel-snap..."?
If you've heard or seen one MSM outlet, you've seen them all. These talking points prove it.

Why is the press collaborating like this? If they're not reporting in unison, then why in the hell are they getting defensive in unison? Likely because the MSM is finally getting called out on their complicity in the enemy's propaganda, and the MSM is getting awfully defensive about it! Theyre getting so defensive that they're resorting to telling us that things are worse in Iraq than what they're telling us. Laura Ingraham is right: "...there is a group of people who are invested in America's defeat, in one of the most important conflicts in our nation's history..." They are the left and the MSM...pardon the redundancy. liberal media bias!