Wednesday, May 31, 2006

As usual, Dems' loss is really a win in disguise

Whenever Democrats lose these days, they claim that their loss was a "moral victory" of some sort, as if moral victories translate to picking up seats in elected office. Recall the Ohio moonbat Paul Hackett, who "narrowly" lost a House election to Jean Schmidt in her GOP-heavy district?

Listening to Deanics across the nation, you'd have thought that Hackett really won. Hackett was instantly a left and MSM (pardon the redundancy) darling, crowned the unofficial rising star in the Democrap party. His future was so bright that he...lost in the U.S. Senate primary to fellow moonbat Sherrod Brown. So much for that star, huh? He burned out faster than Bill Clinton after his honeymoon with Hillary.

Well, the left is at it again. Observe:
Next Tuesday, voters in the San Diego area will head to the polls in a special election to replace Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, a Republican who is serving time in prison for bribery.

Democrats say no matter what happens, they've won - because Democrat candidate Francine Busby "has put Republicans on the ropes in a district they bragged was theirs for the taking."

In an email message to supporters, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said that Democrats are setting the tone in a majority Republican district -- "forcing Republicans to frantically spend millions of dollars to defend themselves."

And no matter what happens next Tuesday, "If Francine even comes close, Democrats will send a wave of panic through Republicans everywhere," the DCCC said.
A "wave of panic"? Of course..."look at us, we keep losing! Watch out, you bastard Republicans! We're on a roll!" If Republicans have to "frantically spend millions of dollars", does it matter that they have millions of dollars to spend that Dean has been unable to raise for the Democraps?

This part is rich:
It said it is targeting Republican districts across the country, and that includes running advertisements on Christian radio stations "holding Republicans feet to the fire for trying to privatize Social Security."
Rumor has it that one of their advisors told them that about 90% of the people in America believed in that "God" fellow, and that it might be a good idea to try and reason with them. Fortunately for the Dems, they didn't have Dean opening his mouth and insulting them like he usually does.

To quote the late Dale Earnhart: "Second place is the first loser." In the warped minds of Democraps, it's a win. That must be a new form of affirmative action for the left: extra points for losing. Fortunately, elections aren't graded on a curve.