Monday, May 15, 2006

"Prosecute or shut up!"

An excellent analysis of the current NSA situations (leaks, phone databases, etc.) by Sane Works:
The President and his Attorney General cannot have it both ways. They cannot tell us what a terrible thing these disclosures have been for our safety and that they have put real lives at risk and then fail to prosecute those who did this to us. The leakers are bad men and women and ought to be put away for the rest of their lives (at least 10 years for each count as the statute provides). But it is the media that broadcasts these secrets to our enemies. They should be destroyed with every political and legal tool available.

Mr. President and Mr. Attorney General: Either Protect Us or Leave Us! We will find someone who will!!!
There's an old Southern expression: Either sh#t or get off the toilet! Sure, it may be a crude and base expression, but it applies to situations like this.

If the MSM is guilty of leaking classified and security-sensitive information, then why in the hell aren't we prosecuting these modern day digital Benedict Arnolds? If we're not prosecuting them, then one may infer that the various federal laws governing publication and dispensing of classified and security-sensitive information have not been broken. If it is true that said laws haven't been broken, then at the very least, the administration is guilty of scaremongering under the heretofore untouchable label "national security."

I happen to believe that the actions of the MSM are clearly violations of the Espionage Act (among other laws). However, since the administration has failed to act on these leaks (at least, we don't KNOW that they've acted on them) and has instead tried to placate the MSM, I do have to wonder!