Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Today's "stupid Euros" story

Leave it to Euros to be this stupid! From Yahoo! News:
A couple who climbed a suspension bridge in Germany to watch the sunrise sparked a major rescue operation when passers-by mistook their stunt for a suicide bid, police said Monday.

A driver called police after seeing a man sitting on top of the road bridge on the Main river near Frankfurt, and thought the 25-year-old planned to kill himself.

Squad cars, fire engines and a police speedboat with divers rushed to the scene.

"The man and his girlfriend climbed down from the bridge and said sheepishly they had just wanted to watch the sun come up," police spokesman Franz Winkler said. "It looks like they may have to foot the bill for it."

Firefighters put their "rescue" bill at 1,600 euros ($2,000). Police are still counting, he added.
Does anyone know how to say "Kiss my #ss, I'm not paying for YOUR screw-up!" in German?