Sunday, May 07, 2006

UPDATED: Patrick Kennedy enters rehab

The Boston Herald is reporting that Patty the K did have "a little" to drink at the Hawk & Dove. According to Drudge, his "recollection" seems to be changing a bit. It still looks as of now (i.e. subject to change) that his pedigree may help him escape serious charges or prosecution that would befall anyone else. MSNBC now says he's entering drug rehab.

I'm still angry at what appears to be deception and favoritism. However, I am not without compassion for Kennedy. And no, I'm not about to get sarcastic here.

He's addicted to painkillers. So was Rush Limbaugh. I showed sympathy for Rush, and I will similarly show sympathy for Kennedy. Regardless of how I feel about him politically, and even to some degree personally, I can empathize with Kennedy. The fact is, he got addicted...pure and simple. I've heard speculations that the rehab story could be a PR ploy, but in my humble opinion, I don't believe that it is.

Addiction is a sign of weakness. However, I can't think of anyone off the top of my head who hasn't been addicted to something at one time or another: smoking, food, sex, bad relationships, etc. Many of us overcome our weaknesses. Many of us do not.

Therefore, I state unequivocally my support for Pat Kennedy's decision as he enters rehab. May he get the help that he needs. Question of the day: "Should he resign?"

UPDATE (5/7/2006 - 8:30 p.m. EST): Potfry, one of the funniest political satirists I've ever read, has a hilarious "translation" of Patty the K's public statement. If you are not "humor-impaired", then do yourself a favor and check it out here.