Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hillary takes credit for NY's declining job market

Continuing on the prior post on how Dems really see losses as wins, Her Highness stepped in it this week. From NewsMax:
Senator Hillary Clinton is using a new campaign video to boast that she's delivered on her promise to bring economic development to upstate New York - even though the region has actually lost tens of thousands of jobs since she was elected.

The new video features testimonials from an array of New York politicos, including New York City Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, who touts Mrs. Clinton's economic success.

"She has not only promised that she would deliver economic development projects for upstate New York, she has actually, in fact, done it," Gotbaum claims. "She is someone who is a fighter for us every day in Washington."

In fact, while Mrs. Clinton campaigned six years ago on a promise to generate 200,000 new jobs for upstate New York, she not only failed to deliver - the region lost 40,000 jobs.

According to Public Policy Institute in Albany, the Empire State has lost 112,000 jobs overall since sending the former first lady to the Senate.

Mrs. Clinton acknowledged her jobs failure in an interview with the Syracuse Post-Standard in April, but said it wasn't her fault.

"I didn't have the benefit of a Democratic Congress," she told the paper. "But I think given the fact that, that wasn't the environment that I'd hoped for, we've seen some progress."
So she doesn't want the blame for the job losses (since they "weren't her fault"), but she wants the credit for the...job losses? Huh?

That wench is some piece of work, isn't she? Like most Democraps, the facts just don't seem to matter much to her, nor to her sycophants in the MSM.