Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tony Snow exposes Wolf Blitzer's bias

Why hasn't Snow been the prez's mouthpiece since Day One? Check this out:
BLITZER: The Washington Post published a fascinating cable today, a report written by the US embassy in Baghdad to the state department signed by ambassador Khalizad in which it painted a very, very grim picture, Tony, of what's going on in Iraq right now. I know that many have that the news media is only focusing on the negative, but here the US embassy in Baghdad paints a pretty stark picture of what's going on right now, and the reality is gloomy.

SNOW: That's taken in mid-May. Here we are, we're a month later and I've just told you you've got 50,000 Iraqi troops that are now focusing on those problem areas in Baghdad. What's interesting is -- hand me that for a second. Because there was an interesting lead on this story where it was said, "Hours before President Bush left on a surprise trip for an upbeat assessment of the situation..." He didn't go there for an upbeat assessment of the situation. He went there for a realistic assessment. And he got it from the prime minister, and he got it from the electricity minister and the oil minister and the minister for human rights and the minister for national reconciliation. So this was not the president trying to do a victory lap, no, it was the president now realizing you've got somebody you can work with to deal with problems like this.
Wolf, if you're going to reference an article in a leftist rag (or any paper, for that matter), it helps to actually know when said article was written. Otherwise you wind up looking like an idiot, or biased...or both. So which one is it?

Let's see: Blitzer brandishes a month-old paper that had a "gloomy" article, and he does so when America (and specifically, Bush) is making noticeable and demonstrable progress in the Global War On Terror (for those of you on the left, Iraq IS part of that war) in an attempt to rain on that parade and continue portraying the war as something it's not...a lost cause.

Nope...no liberal media bias!