Saturday, July 08, 2006

Moonbat academic gets, "resigns"...over threats against conservative's child

Michelle Malkin presents her "UNHINGED ACADEMIC OF THE YEAR" award to a former psychology teacher at the University of Arizona named Deborah Frisch.

Though I have but a handful of cyberstalkers, Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom is a much bigger fish than I am in the blogosphere ocean and thusly has many more cyberstalkers than I could ever aspire to attain. Mr. Goldstein got an up close and personal (and boy, do I mean personal) look into the mind of an unhinged leftist. Details:
Jeff Goldstein, who has been such an inspiration and good friend ever since I started blogging, is under attack. He--and his toddler son--have been the subject of abuse and harassment from a nutball leftist troll, who appears to hold a prominent teaching position at the University of Arizona (*clarification: she is/was an adjunct faculty member, not regular*) and seems to have a history of abusing and stalking blogs (also here). Some of the messages she left for Jeff:
"I’d like to hear more about your “tyke” by the way. Girl? Boy? Toddler? Teen? Are you still married to the woman you ephed to give birth to the tyke?
Tell all, bro!"


"[...] as I said elsewhere, if I woke up tomorrow and learned that someone else had shot you and your “tyke” it wouldn’t slow me down one iota. You aren’t “human” to me."


" Ooh. Two year old boy. Sounds hot. You live in Colorado, I see. Hope no one Jon-Benets your baby.

Are you still married to the woman you humped to produce the toddler? "


Give your pathetic progeny (I sure hope that mofo got good genes from his mama!) a big fat tongue-filled kiss from me! LOTS AND LOTS OF SALIVA from Auntie MOONBAT, if you don’t mind!

Somehow, Jeffy boy, I think you get off on the possibility of Frenching your pathetic progeny, even if it is a boy. You seem like a VERY, VERY sick mofo to me, bro.
This is hardly the first time leftists have threatened children, though.

As a matter of fact, Blackfive has now coined the expression "frisched", defined as follows:
To Frisch: Writing something on the internet so creepy and offensive that you are forced to quit your job before getting canned. Ex. Deb really frisched herself when she threatened that blogger's 2 year old child with death and sexual molestation.
By the way, does anyone other than me see the richness of the irony of such a mentally deranged woman being a psychology instructor? Then again, Hannibal Lecter was a psychiatrist, wasn't he?

By the way, Ms. Frisch has "waved the white flag" on her blog. In typical lefty fashion, she portrays herself as the victim! Please read through some of the comments (frequent CLOWNS visitors V the K and Potfry left a thought or two), including the one from Kenosha Kid. KK is a paranoid leftist by anyone's definition, and he's enraged that she did what she did. He's afraid she unfairly gives non-violent leftards like him a bad name, and in fairness to KK, he may be right. TalkLeft and other moonbats are beginning to throw her under the bus, too.

Here's your lesson for the day: free speech doesn't mean you can say whatever you want without any consequences!