Monday, August 21, 2006

Cease-fire, schmeace-fire

What are the Hezbos up to? No good:
Lebanese political forces seeking to disarm Hizbullah have not been able to prepare themselves for a new round of talks with the Shiite
group and the Lebanese army is too weak to impose an arms embargo on Hizbulah.

Hizbullah and its Iranian and Syrian patrons feel that with the international community is determined to monitor the Lebanese-Syrian border to curtail arms smuggling from Syria and have intensified their efforts to rearm the group in the short time left before international observers deploy along the border.

The efforts focus on replenishing Hizbullah's secret arms storage depots with antitank and antiaircraft missiles, and long-range missiles.

Members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been dispatched to Syria and Lebanon to rehabilitate Hizbullah.

A rehabilitated Hizbullah can undermine the Lebanese army and the beefed up UN peacekeeping force and prepare the group for a second round of fighting with Israel.
Iran isn't being hostile...they're just trying to guarantee that Israel...what did the commenter call it? Oh, right..."plays fair", right?

Yet Kofi Table guessed it...Israel. I suppose Israel trying to stop future terrorist attacks from the Hezbos is called "unfair play." Boy, it sure does make genoicide against Jews damned near impossible when said Jews have the gall to fight back...or, "play unfairly."