Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stupidest. Headline. Ever.

AP headline: "'Crocodile Hunter' Believed He Would Die"

While the story actually does elaborate, I have to say that this is arguably the stupidest headline ever written. I mean, I don't even have to elaborate on WHY it's stupid, do I? Well, I guess for the sake of our friends on the left, I will:

Unless one is mentally infirm, it's pretty safe to say that we ALL believe we're going to die. Granted, nearly none of us know exactly WHEN we will die. However, we all know that we WILL, in fact, turn toes-up one day. I doubt the late Steve Irwin was any different in that regard.

I can see the AP headline tomorrow: "President Bush believed he would go to the bathroom"! Of course, there would be a likely subheading of "Democrats question the timing, decry potty break as 'politicizing bodily excretions'", but I digress.