Monday, October 16, 2006

al-Reuters: DOJ treason charge is to divert from Foley

The more Al-Reuters reports, the more biased they show themselves to be. Please read this column from Mark Steyn, which is one of the better columns I've read this year. It's not long, and it is fantastic! Excerpts:
Who is James Vicini? Well, he works for Reuters, the storied news agency. By "storied," I don't mean in the Hans Christian Andersen sense, though these days it's hard to tell. But they have an illustrious history and they're globally respected and whatnot. And last week newshound Vicini got assigned quite an interesting story:
"WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- A California-born convert to Islam, accused of making a series of al-Qaida propaganda videos, became on Wednesday the first American charged with treason since the World War II era, U.S. Justice Department officials said.
Wow! Treason! First time in half-a-century, since the Tokyo Rose days. ... Indeed, the campus left usually gives the impression that "treason" is little more than an alternative lifestyle, like transvestism.
Yet the Justice Department wants this fellow over in Pakistan for treason. Now why would they do such a thing? After chugging through the various charges, Vicini got to the meat of his story: "Justice Department officials denied the case was timed to deflect attention from the fallout over lewd computer messages sent by a former Republican congressman to young male aides, a scandal that may help Democrats seize control of Congress in the Nov. 7 elections."
According to al-Reuters, this twice-per-century violation called "treason", specifically addressed in the Constitution, is being prosecuted because...of a pervert GOP former congressman? Then again, I imagine that al-Reuters is in despair over the prosecution of this jihadist. After all, they are the "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" network, right?