Friday, October 13, 2006

Hewitt: "The High Water Mark for the 2006 Democrats Was A Week Ago"

Hugh Hewitt has a good column about how Dems have already peaked in this election cycle and are going to be disappointed. While I am not even half as optimistic as Hewitt is about the midterms, I found one paragraph to excellently describe the consequences of voting in Dems simply because of GOP scandal:
...but I don't think even that fine post summarizes the impact of James Earl Carter on the nation's decision making when it comes to politics. His election was birthed in reaction to political scandal of course, and we got what we paid for, the very disasters that haunt us to this day.
In 1976, the nation was weary of Watergate and had developed "scandal fatigue", so to speak. As a result, Jimmy Carter was elected. We all saw how that turned out: double-digit inflation, double-digit interest rates, ridiculously high unemployment and tax rates, energy crisis (including rationing of gasoline), destabilizing Iran (which we're paying for today), fanning the flames of hate in the Middle East by (among other things) coddling and legitimizing terrorists like Arafat, and decimating our intelligence infrastructure. Aside from all that, he was a helluva prez!

If you're going to vote out the GOP because there are aspects of the Dems' platform that you honestly feel are better at keeping this country safe, then by all means...stay away from the polls! LOL! Seriously, though, I question what it is about the Dems' policy stands that would be appealing, especially since the Dems have told us very little about their positions or ideas. Be that as it may, though, I have to agree with Hewitt that voting against a politician solely or primarily on the basis of a scandal within that politician's party (when said politician wasn't even involved) is, as Carter's presidency illustrates, damned near suicidal.

I don't see things in as rosy a manner as Hewitt does, but I hope that my predictions are wrong and his are right.