Wednesday, October 25, 2006

MA moonbat Congressman fraudulent in his "veteran" claim

Thanks to Skul for alerting me to this. From Cape Cod Today:
South Shore radio station WATD (95.9 on the dial) has apparently nailed our incumbent US Congressman William Delahunt in a fraudulent claim as a veteran.

This is important because in Massachusetts the election laws allow the designation as "veteran" to appear after a name on the ballot.

Delahunt's apparent fraudulent claim has already been used in the primary elections and the November 7th ballots are already printed.

Christine James, News Editor of WATD News said, "if this was a southern state this would be the end of Delahunt's career."
But it's not a Southern state. The People's Republic of Taxachusetts is a state that allows drunken murderers (Ted Kennedrunk) and child molesters (Gerry Studds) to serve with impunity in the legislature. After all, their women and children are acceptable collateral damage if their state is to be protected from "evil" Republicans. So why would Delahunt, a barking moonbat buddy of and apologist for Hugo Chavez, be any different? Continuing:
Two candidates running for office in the tenth congressional district claim to be veterans; but according to the paperwork, it looks like only one, can in fact, claim to be a veteran. And it's not the incumbent, Congressman Bill Delahunt, but his Republican challenger Jeff Beatty.

Scituate resident Rich Hagert is the State Representative of the Veteran's Party of America. He says from reviewing both candidates dd-214's (military discharge papers) Delahunt's claim that he's a veteran 'appears to be fraudulent' because most of his 180 days in the service were for training which does not count under Massachusetts General Law. Massachusetts General Law says a veteran had to have served 180 days of active duty to be called a veteran - it does not include time training as a reservist in the armed forces of the United States.

Jeff Beatty served in the Army, with nearly ten years of active duty-- including time as a Delta Force Officer.
Jeff Beatty has served his country well, but it matters not in batsh#t crazy Kennedrunk-Studds country.