Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dubya doesn't consult Hollywood?

According to the once-respected (but since then, deranged barking moonbat) Chris Matthews, it's an outrage that the president doesn't consult Hollyweirdos for public policy. From Newsbusters:
It goes without saying that if you're the Commander-in-Chief, among the first people whose criticism you'd want to take into account would be . . . Hollywood movie stars. At least, that would seem to be Chris Matthews's opinion.

Have a look at this video clip from this afternoon's Hardball.

The specific object of Chris's ire was the president's suggestion at his press conference today that Americans shop more. Asked Matthews:
"I wonder if he's in touch with the critics out there, like Matt Damon, the actor, who was on this program Monday?"
Well, naturally, Matt's views on shopping should be of top concern to any president. Then again, wouldn't Barbra Streisand have more expertise on the particular subject matter at hand?

"Babs? W here. What's hot on Rodeo Drive? The American people need to know."
Or maybe he can call Leonard Nimoy: "Hey, Spock, could you show our troops how to do that Vulcan neck pinch thingy? That'd sure help in hand-to-hand combat. Chuckle-chortle-snort!"