Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"Ted Kennedy Fails to Block Wind Farm"

The pickled pig from the People's Republic of Taxachussets, Sen. Ted Kennedrunk, is reflective of the left's "good enough for thee, but not for me" mentality. One of the loudest bloviating blowhards for "alternative energy sources", he has fought his distilled heart out to prevent a windfarm from being built off the coast of Martha's Vineyard, since the windfarm might get in the way of his yachting or minutely disrupt the view from his pristine house there.

Fortunately, Teddy K. lost a battle in his elitist fight. From Newsmax:
Massachusetts’ highest court has upheld a decision facilitating construction of an environmentally friendly "wind farm” that Sen. Ted Kennedy had opposed.

The decision on Monday allows construction of 18-mile-long transmission lines to bring electricity from the Cape Wind project – a collection of energy-producing wind turbines – to shore.

The Supreme Judicial Court affirmed a May 2005 decision by the state Energy Facilities Siting Board that was challenged by a group opposing the Cape Wind project, Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound.

If it receives needed federal approval, Cape Wind would become the nation's first offshore wind farm.

The developer seeks to construct two 115-kilovolt lines to transmit electricity generated by 130 wind turbines in federal waters in Nantucket Sound. The lines would pass beneath state waters before reaching shore at Yarmouth and continuing underground to a switching station in Barnstable.

Cape Wind touts its project as a safe, clean way to create renewable energy.

Kennedy had lobbied for a provision giving Gov. Mitt Romney veto power over the Cape Wind project.

In his book "Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy," author Peter Schweizer disclosed that Kennedy opposed the Cape Wind project because "the wind turbines would be built in Nantucket Sound, about six miles off the coast from the Kennedy compound in Hyannis.

"The problem was not aesthetic; the Kennedys wouldn’t be able to actually see the turbines from their home. Instead Robert Kennedy Jr., who had been beating the drum for alternative sources of energy for more than a decade, complained that the project would be built in one of the family’s favorite sailing and yachting areas."

As NewsMax reported in May, Kennedy supported a proposal to build another wind farm – in somebody else’s "backyard."

A Boston contractor submitted plans to construct an offshore complex of 90 to 120 wind turbine towers near Naushon Island and the towns of Dartmouth and Fairhaven.

While the Cape Wind project Kennedy opposed would be "in view of some of the wealthiest communities in Massachusetts’ Cape Cod," according to CNN and Reuters, the other proposal was for a "project in view of more working-class areas."
At least give Teddy K. his due for taking a boat into the water instead of a car.