Monday, December 04, 2006

Justice Breyer: "Look beyond the Constitution"

The thought that this loon is on the U.S. Supreme Court is scary as hell. From the AP, via Newsmax:
Justice Stephen G. Breyer says the Supreme Court must promote the political rights of minorities and look beyond the Constitution's text when necessary to ensure that "no one gets too powerful."

Breyer, a Clinton appointee who has brokered many of the high court's 5-4 rulings, spoke in a televised interview that aired one day before justices hear a key case on race in schools. He said judges must consider the practical impact of a decision to ensure democratic participation.

"We're the boundary patrol," Breyer said, reiterating themes in his 2005 book that argue in favor of race preferences in university admissions because they would lead to diverse workplaces and leadership.

"It's a Constitution that protects a democratic system, basic liberties, a rule of law, a degree of equality, a division of powers, state, federal, so that no one gets too powerful," said Breyer, who often votes with a four-member liberal bloc of justices.
Wow...just "wow"!

It is NOT the job of the Supreme Court to keep people from "getting too powerful." Its job is to decide the consitutionality of laws, and the lawmakers can obsess over who is too powerful. The roles of the courts are laid out perfectly clear in the Constitution, and this liberal activist doesn't get to decide what parts of the document to ahdere to or ignore. After all, he's sworn to uphold the Constitution, not the ACLU, People for the (un)American Way, or any other leftist group out there.

Has the man never heard the expression "Justice is blind"? He seems to think that the courts can rule on the way things SHOULD be instead of what the laws actually say. Whenever you hear a leftie pretend to care about the Constitution or deny the existence of liberal judicial activists, inform said leftie of Justice Breyer and his disdain for the rule of law.