Friday, December 15, 2006

Dem NY state Congressman steals from charity

Hey, doesn't that qualify this guy to work for Air America now? Anywho, here is a link to the article at the Old Gray Hag, excerpts follow. See if you can find a word whose omission is telling:
State Senator Efraín González Jr., already under indictment on federal mail fraud charges, was indicted today on additional charges involving conspiracy to steal $423,000 in state grants intended for not-for-profit groups, the United States attorney’s office said.

Mr. González, who represents parts of the Bronx, has been under investigation by federal prosecutors and the city’s Department of Investigation since 2004. In today’s charges, announced by Michael J. Garcia, the United States Attorney in Manhattan, Mr. González and several others are accused of mail fraud and theft of federal funds in a conspiracy to steal the $423,000 through a complicated scheme involving not-for-profit groups.

The indictment says that Mr. González took advantage of charity groups, including one that funded Little League baseball, to hide money that he intended to steal. NY1, the all-news cable channel, said that Mr. González used some of the funds to pay for his home in the Dominican Republic, jewelry, clothing and his daughter’s tuition.
Anyone happen to catch what party the guy belongs to? Me neither. One would think it relevant to include that in the story, no? Well, no...because the guy's a Democrat. I'm sure had he been a Republican, the story would have neglected to mention that as well, right? Sure...and John Kerry doesn't use Botox. liberal media bias.