Wednesday, January 24, 2007

La. guv mad at Bush...what else is new?

From the AP:
Gov. Kathleen Blanco angrily criticized President Bush on Wednesday for not mentioning 2005's destructive hurricanes in his State of the Union speech, and said Louisiana is being shortchanged in federal recovery funding for political reasons.

"I guess the pains of the hurricane are yesterday's news in Washington," Blanco said.
Gov. Blanco complaining about the response to Hurricane Katrina is like Bill Clinton complaining about interns: is that something to purposely draw attention to?

I mean, seriously?? Kathleen Freakin' Blanco's ham-handed and incompetent way of handling Katrina is something she wants scrutinized again? Hell, the people of Louisiana know who to blame. I know, I know, she thinks the MSM will run interference for her like they've done so often, but still, the new media isn't going to take this one lying down. People were starting to forget about her role in friggin' the evacuation and rescue and recovery efforts, and then she had to open her cakehole and remind us all again that she's a moron?

If Blanco were genuinely concerned about money after the hurricane, she likely wouldn't have worried about remodeling her staffers' offices with "flat screen televisions, Swedish granite countertops, walnut paneling and frosted laminated glass"...while hinting at budget cuts and state worker layoffs. Lemme guess...that, too, was Bush's fault!

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