Friday, February 02, 2007

But they "support the troops", right?

Leftard columnist William Arkin of the Washington comPost wrote an online column that was so vile and ignorant in its smearing of our troops that it's not worth linking to, so I won't. If you Google it, you'll find it, but consider yourself forewarned.

Actually, I'm going to sing the guy's praises here for a moment. Before you think I've lost my mind (more so than I already have!), hear me out.

I'm praising Arkin for finally having the stones to put down in writing what he and his leftist ilk really think about the military and have truly thought for years. See, I get damned tired of hearing leftists pretend to love the troops, when their actions (voting records, association with unsavory anti-military groups, etc.) flatly contradict their rosy rhetoric when the cameras are around. For once, it's refreshing to hear a liberal like Arkin speak not just for himself, but for his MSM and leftist (pardon the redundancy) kindred.

Hey, I understand why liberal politicians don't speak their true feelings on the military. I mean, the soldiers currently vote against the liberals roughly 70%-30%. Plus, your average Democrat citizen (and not liberal citizen, there is a big difference) loves the soldiers. Ergo, a liberal politician can't speak his/her mind on those "babykillers in fatigues" because they don't want to commit political suicide. Arkin does these people a favor by being their outlet to spout out anti-soldier invective that is near and dear to their cold black (formerly "bleeding") hearts.