Monday, February 12, 2007

The French are at it again

Can't the Frogs figure out a way to stop making themselves the butt of the world's jokes? Guess not. From AFP:
One of France's leading hosiery makers is launching a new line for men next month -- pantyhose with a welcome front opening and big feet, available in thick mannish knit but also as sheer tights.

Gerbe, which is based in eastern France, said this week that the country's first hosiery line for men would go on sale in March "due to increasing demand from male clients."

The pantyhose comes with a larger belt than for women as well as an opening, with "Men opaque", "sheer" or "satin" available in four models of tights, with and without feet, and three models of feel-good knee-high hosiery made to help drain toxins and massage tired limbs.

Internet users on a French fashion messaging board,, responded with a touch of scepticism. "Why create pantyhose for men when women's tights are fine?" said one. Tights are unisex," said another, "except that women's are always softer."
There you go, Pierre: why use men's pantyhose when you can just wear women's tights instead? Sometimes, words just totally fail me.

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