Monday, February 12, 2007

Flag-burning controversy, San Franistan style

From the moonbat capital of America, San Franistan, via NRO:
You, of course, have a fundamental, constitutional, First Amendment, free-expression right to desecrate the American flag. But, evidently, not the flags of Hamas and Hezhollah. Not at least if you are at San Francisco State University and you are a College Republican.

The flags of these jihadists, you see, incorporate the word "Allah" in Arabic. By walking on them during a demonstration, Debra Saunders reports in San Francisco Chronicle (hat tip, James Taranto's Best of the Web), the College Republicans are accused by a campus body of creating a hostile environment and potentially inciting violence.

Ah yes, those "San Francisco values." Does anyone know when the First Hundred Hours will end?
In short, college campuses have no problems with students burning the American flag. After all, it's free speech, right? Oddly enough, burning a terrorist organization's flag is not similarly considered free speech, and if the perp is a diabolical Republican, then that damn sure will not be tolerated!

USA = bad, jihadis = good. Thanks for the clarification, San Franistan.

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