Monday, March 05, 2007

The left failing to see irony

By now, you all know about how badly the health-care system at Walter Reed has been mismanaged, and now, the Washington comPost has an article showing how it's not just Reed that's messed's military health care, in general.

The left now pretends to care about the soldiers by feigning outrage at what's going on at Walter Reed (and, as the comPost points out, elsewhere). They don't care as much about the soldiers as they do about scoring political points, but be that as it may, the hospital's bureaucracy and administration is indefensible. Even the left seems willing to accept that.


If we all agree that this form of health care sucks so badly, why in the HELL are these, "universal" care advocates so eager to foist this scourge on ALL of us? Obviously, as the article points out, the inefficiencies and inadequacies of government-run health care are numerous, but is there any doubt that if the private sector were nearly as incompetent as the government has been at running health care, the howls for "federal takeover" and denunciations of "greedy profit-driven corporations" would be louder than a Howard Dean scream?