Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hillary: the VRWC is back!

Catering to the paranoid moonbat base of the Dems, Her Highness revives the Lewinksy-era leftover and leftard bogeyman "". From NewsMax:
The "vast, right-wing conspiracy" is back, presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is warning, using a phrase she once coined to describe partisan plotting.

Once derided for her use of the phrase, Clinton is now trying to turn the imagery to her advantage.

Speaking Tuesday to Democratic municipal officials, the New York senator used the term to hammer Republicans on election irregularities.

She also used the phrase similarly during a campaign appearance over the weekend in New Hampshire.

Clinton was first lady when she famously charged allegations of an affair between her then-president husband Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky were the result of a conservative conspiracy.

As evidence of the affair eventually came to light, the comment was ridiculed. But many Democrats have since insisted that Clinton was correct, pointing to the well-documented efforts by conservative financier Richard Mellon Scaife to fund a network of anti-Clinton investigations.

Yeah, we sure made up that whole "stained blue dress belonging to a young portly intern" and "lying under oath to deprive a woman her day in court" thingy, didn't we? Mr. Scaife, you magnificent evil bastard, you! Anywho:
New Hampshire Democratic Party chairwoman Kathy Sullivan said she absolutely agreed with the senator's description of the case.

"People think we're paranoid when we talk about the vast right-wing conspiracy (ya think? - Ed.), but there is a real connection of these groups - the same names keep popping up," said Sullivan. "They are the most disgusting group of political thugs that I have ever seen."

Maybe after Shrillary forces her socialist piece of garbage known as "universal health care" on normal America, she and her @sshat ilk can finally get some meds that they have desparately needed for quite some time now.

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