Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Iran teetering on bankruptcy?

We should be so lucky. From the NY Sun:
Iran's civil society is experiencing major breakdowns, the country's reformist press and Web loggers are reporting. Signs of growing economic instability include high inflation, rising prices, food shortages, and long lines at gas stations. (With the exception of the latter, it sounds an awful lot like Hugo Chavez' "worker's paradise", doesn't it? - Ed.)
The January 20 edition of the Iranian reformist daily Rooz included an interview with an economist, Saeed Leilaz. " Iran is on the verge of economic collapse," he said. "A large portion of the economic turn for the worse is due to Ahmadinejad's policies and management style … [which] have prompted many to publicly criticize [him]. … The administration has increased government expenditures so much that we will face an enormous budget deficit in the coming year."

Mr. Leilaz also said Iran's deep economic crisis could "ultimately lead to the disintegration of the government."

Maybe we'll get lucky and see Ahmanutjob tossed out on his tuchus before Israel has to bomb their nuke facilities.

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