Friday, March 09, 2007

"It's time these idiot liberals understand that"

While this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, it is also incredibly entertaining. Via Michelle Malkin:
A tipster sent this fascinating video from left-wing, anti-war group Occupation Project, which interviewed Appropriations Chairman Democrat David Obey in a hallway and grilled him about the war funding bill.

Tina Richards, identified as a military mom: (Introducing herself to Obey). Tina Richards. I had left a poem that my son had written (unintelligible) and I was wondering if it had ever gotten to you. He's a United States Marine. He's done two tours in Iraq. And he's ready to be deployed for a third tour.

OBEY: I honestly don't know...

[Richards discusses son's suicide attempts and problems with the VA.]

Richards: Are you going to be voting against the supplemental?

OBEY: Absolutely not. I'm the sponsor of the supplemental.

Richards: For the, um, to continue to the war?

OBEY: (Getting agitated). It doesn't--we're trying to--the President wants to continue the war. We're trying to use the supplemental to end the war. But you can't end the war if you vote against the supplemental. It's time these idiot liberals understand that. There's a hell of a difference between de-funding the troops and ending the war. I'm not gonna deny body armor. I'm not gonna deny funding for veterans' hospitals and for defense hospitals so you can help people who have medical problems. And that's what you do if you vote against that bill.

Richards: But there should be enough money in the regular defense bill...

OBEY: Well, there isn't...

Richards: ...without continuing the funding for the war.

OBEY: There isn't. There isn't. That's not the way it works. The money in the defense bill -- it pays for a standing army. But it doesn't pay for these recurrent costs. We're going to add over a billion dollars more to it than what the President was asking for in that bill so we can deal with some of exactly the problems here you're talking about. How the hell are you going to provide money to the hospitals if you don't provide the money?

Richards: Well, then, are you going to be in support then of--

OBEY: I HATE THE WAR! I voted against it to start with. I was the first guy in Congress to call for Rumsfeld's resignation. But we don't have the votes to de-fund the war. And we shouldn't. Because that also means de-funding everything that you've got in that bill to help the guys who are victims of the war.

Richards: Well, there's an amendment to the supplemental that's being proposed to fully fund the withdrawal of the troops [Ed.: The Lee Amendment] --

OBEY: THAT MAKES NO SENSE! It doesn't work that way.

Fast-forwarding into the transcripts, we see how freakin' stupid the leftard constituency is...
OBEY: (Gesturing wildly again) WE DON'T HAVE THE VOTES TO PASS IT! WE COULDN'T EVEN GET THE VOTES TO PASS A NON-BINDING RESOLUTION ONE WEEK AGO! How the hell do you think we're gonna get the votes to cut off the war?!

Man: You stop the funding.

OBEY: (Shouting) HOW IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE VOTES?! It takes...

Man: Filibuster his supplemental request.

OBEY: There is no filibuster in the House! (Well, duh! - Ed.)

Man: Well, in the Senate they could do it.

OBEY: I'm sorry...No, I'm not gonna vote for it [Lee amendment].

(Pointing finger) I’m the sponsor of the bill that’s going to be on floor. And that bill ends the war. IF THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU, YOU'RE SMOKING SOMETHING ILLEGAL!

Read the transcript, and/or check out the video! This is more entertaining than watching Mikie Moore doing the limbo!

Hey, Obey...if you lay with dogs, you wake up with fleas!

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