Monday, March 05, 2007

It's Hillary, y'all! Plus, Obama pulls a "Hillary, as in Edmund" moment.

What fun. Her Highness decided to pander to us Southerners over the weekend (since she DID grace the great state of Arkansas with her presence for a few years, ya know), and decided to try and adopt a drawl so as to appear appealing to the masses. Well, yeee-freakin'-haw!

Not to be out-Hillaryed, Obama decided to one-up Hillary's since-discredited lie about being named after someone who had yet to achieve his fame. As Allah at Hot Air notices:

1) Obama claims that a Kennedy-sponsored airlift in Africa was responsible for bringing the Obama family to the U.S.

2) He claims that the events in Selma led to his parents getting together, and thus, to Obama being born.


1) JFK didn't take office until two years after Obama's father arrived in the U.S.

2) Obama, Jr., was born four years before Bloody Sunday in Selma. Presumably, he wasn't born before his parents met.

At least he didn't claim that JFK helped him invent the Internet.

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