Tuesday, March 20, 2007

San Fran-istan leading the pack again

Must.resist.urge.to.make.pun.on."pack" and San Franistan! From LGF:
As always, the San Francisco anti-war rallies beat the rest of the nation in the Sheer Lunacy department. Zombie was there, and yes ... so were the Angry Furries, with their personal electronic devices and tambourines. US flag desecration, anti-Israel hatred, 9/11 conspiracy kooks, it’s all here.

Seriously, you have GOT to go here and look at the pictures and their captions. I don't so much care for the pictures, but Zombie does a hilarious job at highlighting the idiocy of the moonbats at the rally. Here's but a mere single example, with Zombie's caption underneath:

Which pleople?

I'm telling you, GO SEE IT...it's hilarious how these people actually expect to be taken seriously!

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