Friday, April 06, 2007

CBS News guy: Shows bias, denies bias, then admits bias

This must be part of that nuance thingy the left likes to try and employ. From "See? B.S.":
It's Thursday, and that means it's time for the Public Eye Chat. This week's subject is Rome-based CBS News Correspondent Allen Pizzey. You can read excerpts, and listen to the full interview, below.
Brian Montopoli: It seems that some reporters, including yourself and CNN's Michael Ware, have really taken umbrage at John McCain's recent comments, essentially saying that there are a lot of neighborhoods where you can walk around relatively safely. Is it fair to say that that really sort of bothered reporters?

Allen Pizzey: Yes. It's disgraceful for a man seeking highest office, I think, to talk utter rubbish. And that is utter rubbish. It's electoral propaganda.

Sounds a little biased to me. "Rubbish"? "Disgraceful"? "Electoral proaganda"? Well, to charges of bias, Piss-ant says "Poppycock!":
Brian Montopoli: There used to be a pretty vigorous debate about whether the media is reporting the war through an anti-administration liberal bias lens, though that has died down a bittle bit of late. How do you feel about that argument?

Allen Pizzey: I dismiss that. Because I think the Bush administration in particular thinks that anything that doesn't wholly support everything they say is against them.

Immediately after this dismissal of charges of bias...
Now, no reporter is as objective as we'd like to be. Objectivity is a principle to which we strive to adhere, but we all have our own little biases – our upbringing, our personal political beliefs, whatever touches us in a human way. All of that affects our reporting.

In summary: McCain is desgraceful and speaks rubbish and electoral propaganda, but don't call that "bias", even though that's what Pissy says it is. Got it? Good.

And they wonder why their ratings are in the tank?