Thursday, April 05, 2007

News bytes

  • Pelosi to chinless Syrian dictator: "Israel wants peace talks!" Israel to Pelosi: "Not quite true...and you don't speak for us!" Even the reliably left-leaning Washington comPost is piling on Pelosi. Humiliation ensues.

  • Polish it any way you like, but with the whole British hostage ordeal in Iran, Iran won and the UK lost. Iran came out smelling like roses, and the West came out looking weak.

  • Leftardosphere falls for April Fools prank. Karl Rove, you magnificent b@stard! As with Pe-loser, humiliation ensues.

  • Speaking of Pe-loco's visit to Syria, Jimmy the Dhimmi Carter approved of it (which automatically means it's a bad idea)...and launched into one of his typical anti-Israeli rants.

  • Al Qaeda wants the Dalai Lama dead, because he's not Muslim. Well, hell, just tell Mr. Lama to get out of Iraq and he should be peachy...oh, wait, he's not in Iraq. Somehow, I'm certain the moonbats can find a way to blame this on Bush.

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