Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Duke lacrosse rape case dismissed: NYT bias in reporting of it, FNC's Smith goes off, and more

As you probably know by now, the charges against the Duke lacrosse players have been dropped. This was one of the more egregious cases of prosecutorial misconduct I've ever seen, and that sorry #ss district attorney, Mike Naifong, needs to be held liable for wrecking the names and reputations of these innocent young men. Watch Fox News Channel's Shepherd Smith get medieval in his outrage.

In the NY Times, they observe that the state Attorney General charged with cleaning up Nifong's mess is a man named Roy Cooper, who is "a Democrat running for re-election next year." Conspicuous by its absence is Nifong's party affiliation. Three guesses as to what it is, and the first two guesses don't count. In other words, the good guy is a Democrat and the bad guy unknown party. liberal media bias!

Also, a leftist pointy-headed pseudo-intellectual biology prof at Duke isn't convinced of the young men's innocence, DNA results and debunked lies be damned. As Ace wryly notes: "Gives me all sorts of confidence in that 'scientific consensus' on 'global warming' knowing tenured elite-university biologists don't quite understand DNA." Ouch. Cut her some slack, Ace. She's not the only one still holding onto the belief that despite every shred of evidence to the contrary, the boys are guilty.

Ace also really nails this one out of the park:
Oh, sure, maybe they didn't "rape" a girl. But you know -- they were blasting Ben Folds' cover of Bitches Ain't Shit a couple of nights, while, eyewtinesses reports say, they were drinking beer despite being two years below the legal drinking age!

So, you know, who's really to blame here? They were asking for it. Look at how they behaved. They were dressing like hooligans with their caps all backwards 'n shit, shakin' their little tight white asses; they were almost begging to be raped by the legal system and Duke University.

Damn...just "damn"!

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