Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Night & Day

From Newsbusters:
One week apart, "The Early Show" provided very different segments about 2008 presidential contenders. The April 2 edition provided a very glowing, positive review of the candidates. The April 9 edition was far more critical of the contenders. Why the difference? The former reviewed the Democrats. The latter reviewed the Republicans.

On April 2 Hannah Storm discussed Hillary Clinton’s "amazing [fund raising] numbers." John Harris of Politico.com agreed noting "they are incredibly impressive numbers." Though Democratic rival John Edwards raised a much smaller $14 million, Storm wanted to know if the former vice presidential nominee saw a "spike in donations" after his wife announced her breast cancer is not curable.

One week later, host Hannah Storm high lighted that McCain announced "lower fund-raising numbers than his rivals," though his $12.5 million is not far behind Senator Edwards’s $14 million. Storm also inquired whether McCain "lost some credibility when it comes to the war" after his recent positive statements regarding Iraqi progress.

After McCain, "The Early Show" co-host moved on to another Republican with alleged problems, Rudy Giuliani and his association with Bernard Kerik. Storm noted Kerik’s alleged ties to the mob and asked "how problematic" that is. Harris added that voters may "find some of the details...less than attractive." The transcripts both from April 2 and April 9 are below.

The transcripts are available at Newsbusters for you to see for yourselves. One week, flowery coverage of the Dem nominees. A mere seven days later, critical coverage of the GOP nominees. What a difference a week makes.

Nope...no liberal media bias!

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