Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How NOT to prove your point

As the Washington comPost was trying to rustle up some foreigners' opinions on our Second Amendment rights, I think they did themselves a great disservice by undermining their own point thusly (from Newsbusters):
But (author Molly) Moore’s article turned unintentionally comic when she quoted an Iraqi praising the gun-control policies of....Saddam Hussein. "But America has terrorism and they are exporting it to us. We did not have this violence in the Saddam era because the law was so tough on guns."

Perhaps it’s not surprising for a liberal newspaper to use a terrible mass shooting as an opportunity for pro-Saddam Iraqis to condemn how the United States has ruined their paradise. But it’s hardly a poster for the Brady Campaign’s gun-control aims – and Saddam’s dictatorship is hardly a model of nonviolence. (It can, however, illustrate the gun-rights crowd’s belief in guns as a bulwark against dictatorship.)

Pardon me for just a moment...


OK...*snort*...*sniffle*...*chuckle*...I'm back. Thanks for bearing with me! Man, was that freakin' hilarious or what?

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