Friday, April 27, 2007

Liz Edwards: Bush rushed to VT instead of NO due to race

It is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to sympathize with Mrs. Silky Pony for her cancer when she continues to foment the cancer of racism in America. From Hot Air:
Elizabeth Edwards, playing the race card, says the President went to the Virginia Tech campus sooner than he went to see the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina because of race and the “prettier picture” (that’s a euphemism for white people).

This is BDS at its finest. These people complain President Bush waited too long to go to Katrina and now they’re complaining he went to Virginia Tech too soon. And they make race part of the issue both times, even though he’s appointed two black Secretaries of State and held on to Norm Mineta far too long past his sell-by date.

If the electorate can’t tell what a fake Elizabeth Edwards and her husband are by now, there is something seriously wrong.

It's hard for me to image why someone with a terminal disease like Liz Edwards has would want to spend her last days on Earth being a hateful, crazy #ss race-hustling moonbat.

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