Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Falwell dead, left rejoices

Ah, yes. The "compassionate" left. It seems that if you're a cop-killer, child-killer, or serial killer, the left gets all teary-eyed at your plight at the hands of our legal system. If you tilt to the ideological right, then the same sympathy the left extends to axe murderers won't be coming your way.

The Kos kooks, DUmb#ss Underground, and even MSM reporters (nope, no liberal media bias!) are giddier than Bill Clinton in a room full of kneepad-clad portly interns. And that Fred Phelps sicko apparently didn't think that Falwell "hated f@gs" nearly as much as God supposedly does, a sentiment that the Frisco freaks apparently don't share because they're having a little "Ding-dong, Falwell's dead"'s gonna be soooooooo fab! Leftard reaction round-up here.

If we ever kill Osama (assuming he's still alive), I doubt we'll see even a fraction of this level of glee from these cretins. I certainly didn't see it when the Husseins and Zarqaward took their eternal sand naps. Glad to know the left is able to identify the REAL enemy.

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