Monday, May 14, 2007

Carbon debits?

We all know what a sham carbon, "offsets"/"credits"...are by now. Well, how about "carbon credits"? From Moonbattery:
Are you annoyed at the way high-profile indulgers in conspicuous energy consumption like Al Gore attempt to exempt themselves from the sacrifices they demand of everyone else by purchasing phony carbon credits? Don't just grouse β€” do something about it. Counteract the carbon credits with carbon debits at

Carbon debits can be purchased for as little as $5. With each carbon debit, will shred one living tree, send an email informing Al Gore, and send another to you certifying that you have done your part to put an end to the carbon credits scam.

Various packages feature extras like having "I Took Away Your Carbon Credits" plaques sent to liberal friends. Those willing to spring for the Premier Carbon Debit Vacation Package get the following:

Airfare to Arizona from any continental US state.
  • 1 day of carbon debiting using their tree-crushing FECON grinding head tractor β€” an average of 100 trees debited in a day.
  • 1 "My Carbon Footprint Is Bigger Than Yours" t-shirt with an imprint of you in the seat of the tree-killer.
  • 1 "Carbon Debit Gold Star Member" plaque.
  • 1 "I Took Away Your Carbon Credits" plaque sent to Al Gore.
  • 1 "I Increased My Carbon Footprint" t-shirt. can't guarantee they are actually harming the environment, since the trees are apparently slated for removal anyway, but they do promise that trees will be destroyed at your expense β€” which is more of a guarantee than gullible moonbats are getting from swindlers like TerraPass.

  • I abso-freakin'-lutely love it! I wish I had thought of it!