Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Headline: "Sarkozy holidays as fresh violence hits French cities"

From the French al-Reuters, AFP:
President-elect Nicolas Sarkozy relaxed and strategised Tuesday on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean, while back home "anti-Sarko" protests rumbled on into a third consecutive night.

OK, I'll bite: since he's the president-elect and thus not the acting president, just what in the name of escargot is he supposed to or expected to do? Continuing:
Sarkozy boarded the vessel in Malta with his wife Cecilia and their 10-year-old son Louis on Monday at the start of a three-day break to relax after the right-winger's emphatic weekend election victory.

Not "conservative", but the more loaded term "right-winger". Nope, no liberal media bias!

OK, how about this gem?
Sarkozy, a tough-talking former interior minister, is hated in the high-immigrant suburbs after he described young delinquents as "rabble" and for his stance on law and order.

He's hated by "immigrants" (that's P.C.-speak for "Muslims") for "his stance on law enforcement"? In other words, his stance on law enforcement is that he's for it. You know, laws should be enforced and stuff? I know, that's just heartless, unfair, cruel, and bigoted!

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