Monday, May 07, 2007

Moonbats: God leveled Kansas with tornados because of Bush

For a recent visitor who was unclear of the meaning of the word "moonbat", here's an illustration of how moonbats operate (hat tip to Hot Air):

These are the same morons that said New Orleans and the Mississippi gulf coast deserved to be destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, because both states voted for Bush. When it was pointed out that New Orleans voted for Gore and Kerry to the tune of 80% - 20%, they tempered their vitriol and stated that New Orleans deserved sympathy...but the rest of LA and MS did not. Compassion for your fellow man's suffering is to be measured by one's voting tendencies. By the way, I wonder if anyone points out to these knuckle-dragging spittle-spraying rubes that the governor of Kansas is a Democrat.

A liberal isn't stupid enough to believe this crap. A moonbat is. Are we clear now?

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