Tuesday, May 01, 2007

News bytes

Light blogging day today, since I'm busier than Barney Frank on a Chippendale's cruise ship (granted, I'm busier for completely different reasons than that!). So here are some news bytes with relevant links:
  • In a contest with the U.N. to see who can be even more useless, the European Union has decided that a continental concern is...dog breeds. Specifically, they want to ban certain breeds (including bulldogs, which used to signify British toughness), which is obviously a matter that commands international attention and action, right? As usual, with Euros, moonbattery ensues. (Speaking of Moonbattery, hat tip to Van Helsing for this one).

  • This would be a Night & Day post by itself. Texas Rainmaker notes the following when it comes to the NYT reporting on religion: "According to the New York Times, a Republican candidate who professes faith as a Christian is just like al-Qaida. But a Democrat candidate who professes faith as a Christian is tolerant, steadfast and moral." Nope...no liberal media bias!

  • In a whitewash from Hell, the left-wing rag St. Pete Times has a "news story" (not op-ed) called "Clinton shows soft side to South". She's about as "soft" as a pumice-and-sandpaper suppository.

  • John Edwards does yoga with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. "Yo, yo, yo...Silky Pony! Exhale through the nose, be-yotch, or I'll pop a cap in yo' #ss!"