Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quote of the day

From NRO:
Good Job, Wolf [Greg Pollowitz]

Kathryn linked to this interview earlier, but I though Wolf's next question deserved notice as well (emphasis mine):
MICHAEL CHERTOFF, HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY: You know, Wolf, first, I understand there's some people who expect anything other than capital punishment is an amnesty. ...
BLITZER: Secretary Gutierrez, what do you say to those other critics who say you're rewarding illegal activity?

Good job, Wolf. Sec. Chertoff just said that conservatives want to kill illegal immigrants, and you didn't challenge him.

Not content with stepping in it once, Chertie does it again a day later:
Chertoff is really losing his professional demeanor:
I understand that some people think it's not tough enough. Maybe they want people thrown in jail for 10 years or they want people executed.

And like Wolf Blitzer earlier today, Newsweek's Richard Wolffe didn't challenge Chertoff's assertion that conservatives want to kill illegal immigrants.

Why would Wolf or Wolffe challenge him? They both believe what Chertoff says to be true.

Damn...Chertie's done got us righties figgered out, dudn't he? We are opposed to the enforcement of our immigration laws and to any attempts to reward the flouting of our laws, because...we'd rather the illegal aliens be executed and made into Soylent Green. Just when I thought our devious secret intents were more secure than a teenage girl at a Barney Frank sleepover, Chertie's gotta blow the whistle on us like that! Curses!!!

Sec. Chertoff, with all due respect: you're a dipsh#t.

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