Thursday, June 28, 2007


You may already know this, but if not, here it is: Amnesty is dead. To use the AP's language, we "drove a stake through" its black heart.

Opposition was bipartisan, but so was unity. McCain can kiss his GOP primary aspirations goodbye, and Lindsey Grahamnesty and Mel Martinez are likely to get a primary opponent in SC and FL, respectively, in 2010.

Speaking of ol' Mel, I sent this to his office a couple of days ago:
You can kiss my future vote goodbye. No hablo "Mel Martinez", Sénor Turncoat!

I never vote Democrat, but I'll be d#mned before I vote for you again. You and Jorgé W. Bush conned me in 2004 for voting for you, and now I need a shower to get that feeling of disgust off of me. Just leave the pesos on the dresser, Sénor Martinez.

Neither you nor your party can expect a friggin' dime from me in the future, you sell-out!

Not that I figured it would make a difference, but I sent it anyway. My other Senator, Bill Nelson, was a pro-amnesty guy, too, but since he just got elected over the inept Katherine Harris last November, he's safe for another 5.5 years.

Anyway, congrats on the work, folks. Some politicians don't like us peons questioning them, but fortunately, others listen. Remember that when you vote next time.