Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hamas member works for the Beeb

That would explain why the Beeb was soliciting tips on allied troop locations in Iraq last month, now wouldn't it? From Hot Air:
And just like that, last summer’s controversy over the mixed motives of Arab stringers takes on a repulsive yet exciting new dimension. What’s next? Hizb ut-Tahrir members working for the Guardian?
Despite Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) opposition and per the request of the BBC, the coordinator of government activities allowed a Hamas member who works for the BBC to enter the Gaza Strip last week to assist in efforts to release kidnapped journalist Alan Johnston.

Defense officials told The Jerusalem Post that a week ago, a request came from the BBC asking that a Palestinian employee of the news company who is believed to be a close associate of senior Hamas officials be allowed to enter Gaza.

And to think, I thought the biggest absurdity of the Alan Johnston kidnapping would be Hamas playing the role of hostage negotiator. Exit question one: Why would an infamously left-wing news organization employ members of a genocidal religious fascist group? Hmmm.

LGF asks a valid question: "Can anyone explain to me how this does not violate British law? Because Hamas is an officially proscribed terror group in the UK." liberal media bias! Actually, I can't use that tagline anymore for the Beeb, since they admitted that they are indeed left-wing.

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