Thursday, June 14, 2007

Left-wing utopia cracking down on homeless

Nope, not the "intolerant, heartless, cruel" rightwingers, but none other than Berserk-ley, Californiastan. From Hot Air:
This is the “good” kind of homeless crackdown, done for altruistic purposes like forcing them to get help for their dependencies and/or mental illness. Not the “bad” kind of homeless crackdown routinely carried out by wingnuts who’d rather not confront the reality of poverty when they’re out and about during the day.
They just happen to look exactly the same in practice.
Berkeley’s City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to pass most of a sweeping plan to clear the streets of aggressive and disruptive behavior…

“This is a tolerant and caring community, but we do have our boundaries,'’ said Mayor Tom Bates, the legislation’s sponsor. “As a small city, we can never solve the drug and alcohol problems that play out on our streets, but this is one thing we can do.”…

The initiative cracks down on a wide range of behavior that some say make Berkeley’s streets inhospitable to residents and visitors alike. Among the activities that will be banned are smoking near buildings in commercial areas, lying on the sidewalk, public urination and defecation, drinking in public, possessing a shopping cart and shouting in public…

Homeless advocates have fought passionately to stop the initiative, which they say victimizes the city’s most vulnerable residents. The program’s cost, about $2 million a year, would be better spent on housing, they argue.

In the past, Jacksonville's city council (predominantly Republican) passed ordinances to try and stop these same things (public urination and defacation and drunkenness, harrassing non-homeless people, etc.), and they were called everything but a child of God. Funny how lefties don't like those same types of things happening in their cities, either. But for some reason, their reasons are considered more "altruistic", right?

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