Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Mr. President, tear down that fence!"

A most excellent column by Janet Folger. Here are a couple of excerpts, but please read the whole (short) column:
Mr. President, tear down that fence! I'm not talking about the fence around our borders; they never got around to finishing that. I'm talking about the fence around the White House. Hey, if you're going to lead us to vulnerability, at least lead by example.

And those sharpshooters on the roof? They're fine. They look all official and everything, but the new immigration-like policy is: They're not allowed to shoot anyone. And if one of those men in black happen to interfere with someone committing criminal trespass (make that an "undocumented White House visit") they'll be in a cell right next to Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who committed the very same crime while patrolling the U.S. border.

In fact, from now on, in accordance with the new "lead by example" amendment to the Senate immigration bill, all trespassers will get instant amnesty for themselves and their families – and be allowed to pitch a tent right there on the White House lawn. Federal courts will also entertain discrimination lawsuits for those who've been denied access to the Lincoln Bedroom and whose funds don't accommodate an office that's oval.

Oh, and that White House dinner in the State Dining Room? Break out the presidential china all the way back to the Washington administration, because in addition to heads of state, you're going to have a few (million) more guests. They'd also like a piece of what's left of the twins' college fund. We can't possibly penalize the children of these undocumented tourists.

What about the security risk to the commander in chief? Look, we can't possibly round up all the people in America who dislike the president. Don't be naïve. It's just not feasible. Quit fear-mongering.
Mr. President: You do not have our permission to break the bank to fund the Amexican Dream. Not unless you first lead by example and tear down the White House fence.