Friday, June 15, 2007

Government is "The Blob"

Good find from Van Helsing at Moonbattery:
Kudos to Gary Andres for putting his finger on the purpose of government from the liberal point of view: to grow in power and scope. Any other alleged objective is merely a means to this end. He quotes a senior House staffer:
I can write a policy that insures more kids, with less money, and provides better health outcomes. But if the federal government doesn't get bigger in the process, they're not interested. It makes me question what's really important — better health or bigger government.

As Andres notes, this explains Dems' hostility to many Republican initiatives:
School choice, personal retirement accounts and expanded consumer-directed health care are all Republican proposals aimed at helping people in new and innovative ways. Yet they face near universal scorn from liberals because they loosen the shackles of the federal government's domination. Again, it doesn't matter that they might help kids learn better or seniors secure a better retirement. If ideas don't feed the size and scope of the federal bureaucracy, they don't deserve a place on the menu.

Few Democrat objectives can be understood except from this point of view. Do they really think paying unwed mothers to stay unwed and crank out as many kids as possible is going to make for less poverty? Of course not: but getting a whole subclass hooked on welfare grows the government. Do they think draconian environmental legislation justified by the global warming hoax will improve the weather? No, but it will improve their prospects for controlling our lives and expropriating our money. Will socializing healthcare make it more efficient? Yes: efficient at enhancing the ubiquity of government.

Liberal government is The Blob — soft, repulsive, insatiably hungry, and relentlessly growing because its only purpose is to grow at the expense of everything that comes within its reach.

Good analogy, isn't it?