Tuesday, June 12, 2007

NH middle school kids taken to Planned Parenthood for field trip

From New Hampshire:
The city school board early this morning voted for an investigation into last week's field trip that brought middle school students to a Planned Parenthood office in Manchester.

The school board instructed school administrators to investigate the matter, recommend any changes needed to school policies and decide if any disciplinary action needs to be taken.

"It needs to happen immediately," Mayor Frank Guinta said about the investigation. He said it shouldn't take more than a few days.

The vote took place in the early morning hours, after school board members adopted a 2008 budget and huddled with lawyers for two hours.

On Wednesday, students in the STAY program, a program for at-risk middle school students that is operated by the YMCA, visited the Planned Parenthood offices as part of a field trip to social service agencies throughout the city.

They were confronted by pro-life groups who normally picket the agency.

School board member Doug Kruse yesterday said the field trip violated the trust of parents.

"The STAY program must go because they have not demonstrated they are responsible for our children," Kruse said.

He also pointed out that Dawn Michaud, the principal at Parkside Middle School, told the New Hampshire Union Leader that she was aware if the visit, but told her supervisors she had no knowledge of the stop.

"Somebody doesn't have their story straight," Kruse said.

Assistant Superintendent Frank Bass said Michaud was flustered by a call from a reporter and was not sure what was happening.

I don't give a wet fart on a dry January Monday what your views on abortion happen to be, because I think those views are irrelevant in this case. Wrong is wrong, and these kids, entrusted to the care of the YMCA, should NOT have been taken to an abortion mill under any circumstances. Period.