Monday, June 11, 2007

Shrillary hires impeached judge to chair her prez campaign

From The American Princess:
Remember Alcee Hastings?
You know, put his girlfriend (disbarred by the Florida Supreme Court) on to the public payroll, investigated for ethics violations, disgraced former judge currently being investigated by both the Florida and Federal Elections Commissions, so guilty of exhorting a ($150,000) bribe that even John Conyers voted to convict and impeach him, stripping him of his spot on the Federal bench (though, to be fair, he was acquitted at his criminal trial, though he did commit perjury and manufacture evidence), Alcee Hastings?

Yeah, that guy.

Well, he's just been appointed Co-Chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential Campaign.
The Clinton Campaign today announced that Florida Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Congressman Alcee Hastings have been named national Campaign Co-Chairs...

"I am delighted that Debbie and Alcee will take on leadership roles in my campaign," Clinton said. "With their help, we will bring our message of change throughout Florida and across the country."

If that does not bespeak volumes of the class of the Clinton campaign and color a vision of the future should their be a Clinton presidency, we're not sure what would, short of us beating you over the head, personally, with a copy of High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Its a bit like stating the obvious--that you know, say, that Clay Aiken is hiding out in the closet--but yet still being continually amazed that no one cares, and that, despite the smack-you-head-on-the-desk obviousness of it all, there can still be news reports and album sales that make you go..."wow. What's next? Making Cynthia McKinnon (sic) the potential new head of the Capitol Police?"

And even that might not be so unexpected.

When it comes to Clintons and criminality/corruption, some things never change.

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