Friday, July 27, 2007

Crush Liberalism's new home!


Please update your bookmarks to the new home of Crush Liberalism:

No more having to remember "" or even the new destination of ""! If you don't update your bookmarks, that's OK, since you can just click on the link in this post to whisk you away to my more lush accommodations!

I'll probably be experimenting with different color and image schemes over the next few days, but aside from that, everything is ready to roll, so comment away!

PROS: New layout, new commenting mechanism (i.e. NO HALOSCAN!), better reliability that both Blogger and Haloscan, easier to remember domain name...what's not to like?

CONS: Only one, really, that I can think of: the Haloscan comments from prior posts can't import. They'll still be here at Blogger for posterity, if you just really want to see what you or someone else has said over the last three years. Then again, who wouldn't want to occasionally take a walk down Memory Lane and see the punking that navywife and her ilk received? :-D